Finding Food

When you finish searching for water, fire, and shelter, you will need to look for food. The most important rule for finding food is to make sure that what you eat is not poisonous. Our advice is to search for plants that are simple to find such as clover and dandelions. A good source of protein could be insects like crickets and larvae. If you are close to a river, lake or sea, fish, crabs, octopuses and small shells could be a healthy option. If not, small animals like rabbits, squirrels or even mice could be a good cooking dish on your fire. Please note, that any living organism you choose to consume must be properly skinned and gutted to avoid toxic poisoning.

Mushrooms should be avoided because many species are poisonous. Furthermore, check carefully for additional threatening signs that a shrub or bush might be toxic, such as white or yellow berries, shiny leaves, milky fluid, umbrella-shaped flowers and thorns. Insects that probably will be noxious are most of the times radiantly colored. Moreover, don’t eat caterpillars. You may cultivate your own plats in case you find seeds but they will take time to flourish.

You can test whether a plant is toxic or not by carrying a self-body check before eating. More specifically, detach a shrub, bush or any other plant from its leaves, stems, and buds. Each of these must be tested separately. Start by rubbing the plant against the inside of any of your arms as well as your lips and wait 15 minutes. If no skin reaction, you can eat a small piece and wait 8 hours. Within this time period, your body will digest what you have eaten and it will tell you if it is safe to continue consuming.

Also, if you watch birds eating a specific plant, then probably it is okay for you as well. Nonetheless, in case you don’t feel well, force yourself to vomit until your stomach is empty.
Additional ideas include climbing on trees in order to find eggs inside bird nests. You may also build traps on tree branches and on the ground to catch your pray. For health reasons, better wash your food well with water and cook well on top of your fire.

Our survival kits are equipped with a variety of cooking and haunting gear that will help you haunt your pray and more easily find your food such as fishing lines and fishing hooks, bows and arrows, slingshots, ropes, cooking cutlery, utensils etc.