Praslin sleeping bag
bows and arrows
Quencher water bottle
Rockafellas cooking utensils
SAS survival guide book
Steel-lobster Multi-tool
The borehole water filtration pump
The Caribbean 500m Fishing line
The coccoon virus-radiation protective suit
The wolf multi-function shovel
Tiger-king 100L rucksacks (9 OPTIONS)
Wasp-nest goggles (4 OPTIONS)
Apache hatchet multitool
Casablanca slingshot
Castaway fire starter tool
Eagles-eye Binoculars
Godzilla all-pupose duct tape
Highlands waterproof rain cape (3 OPTIONS)
Illuminati solar lamp & lantern
Kalahari all purpose gloves (2 OPTIONS)
Konakai multi-cutlery tool
lifesaver first aid kit
Lions-den waterproof tent
Panther survival kit
Phantom specialized fishing hooks

Toxic Crusader Survival Kit


Our “Toxic Crusader” survival kit will protect you from all known viruses such as COVID-19, Ebola, SARS as well as radiation caused by toxic nuclear adversities. Our protective dress gear is made from strong durable material to protect you from any contaminated atmospheric catastrophe.

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Highlands waterproof rain cape/shelter/ground sheet: This fantastic raincoat will help protect and keep you dry in case of extreme rain, flooding, tsunamis, mudslides etc. It is made from silk sash spinning PVC synthetic nylon fabric. Sun and rain resistant. When opened up, it can also be used as a shelter, tent, sunshade or ground sheet. Can be folded into a small storage bag, easily fits in our rucksack or garment pocket. 3 options

Wasp-nest goggles: These superb goggles and protective mask will help protect you from strong winds, dust, harmful air particles and viruses. They are lightweight and windproof, anti-dust, anti-splash, providing wonderful protection to the eyes. The goggles are made of ABS plastic and polycarbonate. 4 options.

Lifesaver first aid kit: This easy to carry first aid kit will assist you in case of a medical emergency. It contains all the items needed to take care of blood injuries and prevent wounds from getting infected. The medical supplies in this kit carry ISO13485, CE and FDA approvals to ensure conformance to global standards wherever they are used. This kit weighs just 100 grams and can be easily stored in your rucksack.

Kalahari all-purpose- gloves: These strong and durable gloves will help you prevent hand injuries caused by difficult climbing, pulling ropes, carrying heavy equipment, protecting from cold weather conditions, protecting from enemies etc. They are made from breathable stretch nylon material to ensure comfortability and fast-drying capability. The palm reinforcement and rubber thicken mat guard, protects the hands from impact and abrasion. 2 options.

Tiger-king 100L rucksack: This superb rucksack will help you carry all the survival gear you will need in order to make it through emergency times. When the worse happens, all the survival items will be stowed inside and you will be ready to confidently face the dangers. It is made from strong waterproof 1000D Oxford, light weight, wear-resistant material. The pockets are large enough to pack a large number of survival items and easily can easily fit larger gear such as a tent and sleeping bag. 9 options.

Lions-den waterproof tent: This camouflaged tent will help you keep secure from heavy rain, dust, cold and safe from dangerous predators. It can comfortably fit one person including all the survival gear. Its dimensions are 2m length x 1m width x 1m width x 85 cm height. It has a light weight of 920grams, making it easy to carry on your rucksack.

Panther survival kit: This multi-tool survival kit will assist you overcome urban and rural threats. All the items in the case have been carefully selected in order to help you carry out survival tasks such as finding your way (torch and compass) lighting a fire (fire starter), keeping you warm (emergency blanket), calling for help (whistle). The case is very light and small in size to easily carry in your rucksack.

Eagles-eye Binoculars: These small size binoculars will assist you look for help from long distances. They will help you check for food, water, dangers, shelter places etc. They have a compact, handy and durable telescope with a clear image. They have a 10x magnification power, enabling an accurate view. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

SAS survival guide book: This bestselling book will save your life as it will give you all the knowledge needed to survive in any dangerous terrain (land or sea). From making camp and finding food in the wild to security and self-defense in the streets, be prepared on land or sea. It helps you overcome obstacles, navigates your skills through unfamiliar terrain, assists with finding food and water, advises on health remedies, provides guidance on defending yourself in the wild etc.

The wolf multi-function shovel: This strong and durable folding shovel will help you flatten the ground underneath your tent, prepare a wood fire, climbing, catch pray, cultivate soil, cut trees/bushes, protect from enemies etc. Its open size is length: 42cm and width surface 10cm. It can easily fit and be carried. It also includes a carry bag.

Praslin sleeping bag: This lightweight sleeping bag can help you keep warm while sleeping/resting in your tent. It is made from strong and breathable material, helping you survive in cold weather conditions. Its carry weight is just 1.9kg and dimensions are 1.80m length x 75cm width.

Steel-lobster Multi-tool: This clever multitool will assist you carry out survival tasks that otherwise would seem impossible. It includes pliers, wire cutters, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, wood/metal, screwdriver, saw, can opener and hook remover. It is light and easy to carry, taking up very little space in your rucksack. It also includes a carry bag which is made up of strong and durable material.

Illuminati solar lamp & lantern: This innovative portable outdoor LED camping lantern will assist you during the night to keep safe from predators, find your way in difficult terrain, carry out survival tasks during dark hours etc. It can be used without batteries and can be recharged by the sun.

Casablanca slingshot: This robust slingshot will help you defend yourself against predators and enemies as well as hunting small birds and animals. It is lightweight, giving you strong hand-feel and stability. It is easy to carry with a height of 11cm and width 8.3cm. It comes with 100pcs of 8mm magnetic slingshot ammo that can be attached to the magnet.

Konakai multi-cutlery tool: This clever multi cutlery tool will help you skin, clean, cook and eat prey for food. It has a light weight of 122grams and offers 9 options including a bottle opener, fork, knife, spoon and LED torch. It is made of stainless steel and can be easily folded and stored in carry pouch.

Phantom specialized fishing hooks: These fantastic multi-colour hooks will help you catch bigger and more difficult to lure fish for food. A variety of soft baits made up of different colours and shapes help attract fish even without bate. The movement of these hooks in the water entices fish to capture the lure.

The Caribbean 500m Fishing line: This extra strong fishing line is 500m long made of nylon wire material helping catch medium to large fish. It can be used in sea, river and lake water. It is light and easy to carry.

Castaway fire starter tool: This compact pocket size tool will help you light a fire for cooking, keeping warm, keeping away predators etc. It is waterproof and made of 3″ x 1″ solid magnesium fuel bar with flint. It comes with a single-sided serrated striker.

Quencher water bottle: This strong water bottle will help you carry water for drinking. It is made from environmentally friendly material, helping to keep water clean and fresh for a long time. It comes with a with cloth case and lock and a lightweight water canteen.

Rockafellas outdoor cooking utensils: This set of lightweight cooking utensils will help you cook food, boil water and eat meals when outdoors. It includes a small and large pot, pan, pan cover, 2 plates, 2 cups. They are anti-rust, durable and easy to clean. The handles can fold, making them easy to carry.

The borehole water filtration pump: This superb pump will assist you to filter dirty water and make it drinkable. It can filter out most of the escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi, cholera and legionella in the water. It can remove most of the suspended pollutant, such as insects and dust in the water. The water purifier can effectively reduce the concentration of harmful heavy metal ions and organic micro-pollutants in water.

Godzilla all-purpose duct tape: This extra strong duct tape can help you connect various objects such as build shelter, create safety fences, construct hunting tools and traps, even stop blood bleeding in case of life-threatening emergency. It is heavy duty and water resistant.

Apache hatchet multitool: This incredible hatchet multitool can be used to chop wood, build traps, defend against enemies and predators, hunt for food etc. The different tools are made of good quality stainless steel, equipped with a polyester bag.

The cocoon virus and radiation protective suit: This highly protective suit will keep you safe from viruses, bacteria and radiation. The suit is made from non-penetrating material, preventing harmful substances coming into contact with your body. The mask filters toxic gases, ensuring clean ventilated breathing. The gloves are acid-proof made from strong and easy fit material. The heavy-duty boots are produced from sophisticated anti-slip rubber making them easy to wear.

Black eagle bow and arrows: This awesome bow and arrows will help you defend against enemies and predators as well as hunt for food. The bow is made from aluminum material, it is easy to carry, strong and flexible. The arrows can reach long distances; they are sturdy and durable. Both can be easily carried on hand with the incredible bag provided.

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