Signaling for help

When out in the woods, jungle or any other landscape, a time will come when you will have to seek help. You will need to send an acoustic or a visual signal in order to be heard and/or seen from far away. An acoustic signal could be made by constructing a whistle from a tree branch. Also, hitting together rocks, stones or branches to create loud sounds so as to capture attention.

The most basic means of signaling for help is to create a fire. This can be done by primarily creating a fire, with a footing of firewood and brushwood, with wood piled on top. You have to create thick, black smoke which will become visible from a long distance. This will be done by placing green vegetation on top of the fire. You may also use the traditional Indian method of signaling, by creating smoke signals through the use of a blanket or other nonflammable clothing material. We advise that you find a clear spot to start your fire, preferably on top of a hill. The international fire distress signal is when you light up 3 fires setup in a triangle shape.

Furthermore, If you are unable to start a fire, you can use a mirror or a shiny metallic object to reflect light. This way there is a possibility that other people from afar, airplane or helicopter pilots will notice you.

Our survival kits include a number of incredible gear that will help you ask for assistance. Such as the shiny camping utensils, solar torch, solar lamp, emergency beacon and whistle.