Starting a fire in the woods

You are stranded in the woods. There is nobody around to help you. It is getting dark and the temperature is falling. You feel cold and exhausted. You must take shelter and start a fire to keep you warm. The fire will help you cook something to eat as well as protect you from wild animals. Animals tend to be afraid of fire flames and its hot temperature.

In this blog, we give guidelines in how to create fire in the woods. Once you have discovered water, the next step should be to start a fire. A fire will help you boil water, cook, keep warm and act as a means to signal for help.

Start by making a fire pit. Clear a small area so that all that remains is dust. In order to prevent fire from spreading, place a number of rocks around in a circular shape. Ensure that you have chosen an area away from low branches and other plants. There is always danger a fire getting out of control due to high winds. You must make sure that you restrict it in a small area with low wind.

Commence with a cluster of tinder-materials that light up without difficulty and help start the fire. Materials like wood flakes, twisted paper, or dried grass are good sources of lighting up a fire.

Afterwards, select the way you would like to position your firewood. The shape of a teepee is a prevalent technique to start a fire. Initially placing the twigs (small branches) in a teepee form and then the bigger pieces of firewood around it. Furthermore, you can organize the small twigs in a crisscross shape, with the firewood on highest point (top). Light up the fire with matches, a lighter or a fire starter tool (flint).

Flint and steel can be brushed together to produce a spark. Additional ways include lenses found in eyeglasses, magnifying glasses and binoculars. Place the lens in the direction of the sun, fixing the beam onto a pile of dry grass.

The toughest way to start a fire is with friction. Take a flat piece of wood and use it as your fire board. Then cut a small slash to rest the pole in. Quickly roll a long, thin stick between the palms of your hand up until the tip of the stick lights red. Once a spark is created, drop it onto a pile of tinder and mildly blow on it until the flame catches. In our survival kits you will always find an awesome flint to start your fire in an easy way!