The Incredible World of Planet Survival Kits

We live in dangerous times. We don’t know what the future holds. The worse can happen as we speak. Threat is everywhere and can unexpectedly come at any moment. Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, tsunamis, mudslides and avalanches. Manmade disasters such as wars, starvation and poverty, crime, global warming, annihilation, extinction and nuclear explosions. Deadly viruses such as recently covid-19.

Our survival kits will save your life. Our background in the armed forces, terrain exploration and outdoor adventures helped us put together the most complete survival kits. We have considered all scenarios. We have taken a proactive approach against any catastrophic/apocalyptic situation on land territories (mountains, valleys, canyons, gorges) as well as waters (sea, lakes, rivers).

Our survival gear has been carefully selected to help you survive in various high-risk situations. Our knowledge and expertise in the area of survival and combat helps us foresee and plan against unexpected situations. Hence, we have selected gear that will ultimately help you and your family overcome dangerous life-threatening conditions. Our survival equipment has been carefully chosen in a way that will be packed with ease, carried effortlessly and utilized with efficiency when the need arises.

Your adventure begins with our gear. Our high-quality gear can also be purchased for outdoor adventure activities such as paintball, camping, fishing, hunting, safari etc. Our gear will take your level for escapade to another level.

Our “Couple” or “Family” survival kits give couples (2 people) and families (more than 2 people) complete protection on all types of terrains both on land and water. These kits include all items necessary to overcome every obstacle you will face as a group at a much LOWER price. Contact us today for our couple and family DISCOUNTED packages.

We offer you incredible quality as well as quantity at excellent prices. Our survival kits are tailored to the needs of individuals, couples and families at the best prices in the market. Check our special offers!

All the gear included in our survival kits have been tried and tested in disaster simulations. Therefore, we offer you the highest quality without risk of damage/breakage when faced with real life situations.

Our professional customer service staff can help answer questions as quickly as possible via our on-line chatting service. Please send us your enquiry today and we will do our best to assist you.

Having problems choosing the right survival kit. Take advantage of our user friendly “build your own” survival page to design the kit that you feel meets your family’s needs and budget.

The process of selecting/building your survival kit is continuous and we do all the work for you. Easily edit your kits, add or remove gear, and give feedback through our website, chatting, or email.

We ship our packages all over the world. Get the peace of mind in knowing you’re prepared no matter where you live.

Whatever survival kit you select, we assure you that all gear has been thoughtfully chosen and tested. Prepare your survival rucksack in advance, place it in your safe place (home, vehicle or at work) and retrieve it when urgency calls.