What to do when you are lost

First rule of finding your way out of danger is to be absolutely certain that no one is coming to help you. Venturing out to look for unnecessary help could potentially put your and others’ life at risk.

As you set out, make rock piles by making your path apparent as much as possible. Use a sharp object to carve into the trees you pass, or cut flora so that you remember your path.

This way you can return back to your campsite in case you are not successful with your quest.
Start by walking upwards towards the top of a hill or mountain in order to identify where you are and to check any visible landmarks/people below. Note that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Therefore, the sun can help you remember which direction you came from.

Furthermore, in case you don’t have a compass, you can use the classic moss on a tree to find your way out. Even though this technique is claimed by many as not been accurate, in actual fact works if you find the correct type of tree.

Find a tree in a clear area that is receiving sun rays on all radius. Basically, the side of trees that has most shade is the northern side because moss prefers to grow in the darker areas.
Moreover, a good idea would be to follow a stream or river downwards or downhill. Most of the times, these lead to civilization. People like living close to water resource areas.

Our survival kits include the Christopher Columbus compass that will help you find your way in the hardest terrains.